Exploring ALUK Extension Products

Are you considering an extension for your kitchen, conservatory, or loft? Look no further! Dive into the world of DDG and ALUK extension products, designed to bring the outdoors in while keeping the weather out.

BSF70 HI Bi-Fold Door – Embrace Indoor-Outdoor Living

Introducing the Luminia BSF70 HI bi-fold door, an intelligent combination of form and function. This highly versatile and market-leading bi-fold sliding door system gives you maximum control over the style and operation of the doors. With the option to accommodate multiple panels and open in or out as required, the BSF70 HI system offers unparalleled flexibility.

Pros of the Luminia BSF70 HI Bi-Fold Door

Exploring ALUK Extension Products

      • Certified under the Secured By Design scheme and tested to PAS 24 for enhanced security.

      • Features a unique flush line pop-out handle for maximum door opening and square stacking panels when fully open.

      • Equipped with four stainless steel rollers for smooth and consistent operation.


        • Choose from chamfered and square bead options.

        • Accommodates glazing sizes ranging from 28mm to 44mm.

        • Available in a range of opening configurations and finishes, including single or dual colour and
          anodised finishes.



      Aluminium Sliding Doors: A Secure Choice

      Are you wondering about the security of aluminum sliding doors? Rest assured, aluminum doors offer robust durability and advanced security features. With modern locking systems and industry- standard certifications like PAS24, these doors provide peace of mind.

      Pros of Aluminium Sliding Doors

          • Inherently strong and resistant to bending or breaking.

          • Internally glazed for added security, preventing glass removal from the outside.

          • Equipped with high-security multipoint locking systems for unparalleled protection.

        Choosing Between Inline and Lift & Slide Doors

        When selecting aluminum sliding doors, consider the differences between inline and lift & slide options. Both offer sleek designs and expansive views, but their sliding mechanisms vary, catering
        to different preferences and needs.

        Inline Sliders

        Exploring ALUK Extension Products

            • Traditional option with panels on rollers for smooth movement.

            • Ideal for fully closed locking and uninterrupted views.

          Lift & Slide Doors

          Exploring ALUK Extension Products

              • Utilise mechanical gearing for effortless operation.

            • Lockable in partially open positions for added convenience and security.

            Harness the Power of Nature with Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

            Experience the transformative effect of nature on your surroundings with aluminum bi-fold doors.
            These doors not only enhance natural light and views but also promote well-being and connectivity
            with the outdoors. Embrace indoor-outdoor living and elevate your home with aluminium bi-fold
            doors from DDG and ALUK.



            U-Values: Enhancing Energy Efficiency

            Exploring ALUK Extension Products

            Achieving optimal energy efficiency in your home is crucial, and the U-values of your glass doors
            and windows play a significant role in this endeavour. At DDG, we prioritise energy efficiency by
            offering glass and profile options with exceptional thermal performance.

            Glass and Profile U-Values

            Triple-Glazed Units: With a thermal U-value of 1.1, our triple-glazed units provide superior insulation, minimising heat loss and maximising energy savings. Combined with high- performance profiles, these units offer excellent thermal efficiency,

            Double-Glazed Units: Our double-glazed units boast a thermal U-value of 1.04, ensuring efficient insulation and energy conservation. These units, paired with advanced profiles, contribute to a well-insulated environment while reducing heating and cooling costs.



            Discover the endless possibilities of DDG and ALUK extension products for your home improvement project. Whether you’re seeking contemporary elegance, robust security, or sustainable solutions, DDG and ALUK offer a range of options to suit your needs. Elevate your living spaces with innovative designs and superior performance—explore our ALUK extension products today! Contact the DDG team here.